Having problems getting your iPhone 5 series unlocked? Today I’m going to tell you the best methods of unlocking an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c that will allow you to use a different SIM-card on your iPhone.

A quick online search will give you hundreds if not thousands of unlocking methods however the majority of these are simply scams designed to get your money without offering anything worthwhile. An authentic unlock should be straightforward, easy and, most of all, inexpensive.

I’m going to look at the ‘bad’ methods of unlocking your phone and explain why you shouldn’t use them while also letting you know the ‘good’ method to unlock an iPhone 5 series and why it works so well.

Software Unlock – 100% scam

Software unlocks to unlock iPhone 5/5s/5c are a commonly advertised method of unlocking an iPhone 5 series. The truth is that they never actually work and every single piece of software is a scam that has the sole aim of getting your credit card details. Don’t expect a refund from these guys either when you do figure out that it doesn’t work. I’ll be honest, I have fallen for this trick twice now and each time I lost my money with no results. Make sure and learn from my mistakes: there is no software you can download which will unlock your iPhone 5 series.

Hardware Unlock – will invalidate your warranty and take weeks to perform

A method and a solution on how to unlock iPhone 5 that does work is altering the hardware on the iPhone 5 series. This involves ordering alternative SIM card trays from China, inserting them into your iPhone and then putting in a new SIM card. While this does work there are major drawbacks. One is that it takes weeks to get the tray and if you aren’t adept at technology then it can be difficult to insert the new tray yourself. Secondly the tray can get jammed rendering the iPhone useless. Try taking it to an Apple store and see what they say because you have just voided your warranty.

Network Unlock or IMEI Unlock – Easy, permanent and really fast

Ok, so we have the ‘bad’ ways to unlock an iPhone 5 series, what about the ‘good’? A Network Unlock which is also known as an IMEI Unlock is incredibly simple and easy to do and will unlock your iPhone. You pay someone with the know-how to access Apple’s global database containing all the iPhone registration numbers (IMEI) and they then transfer your iPhone number to the ‘whitelist’ meaning that you can use that phone on ANY NETWORK you want.

When the unlocking is complete you get a nice email to confirm that you can now use your iPhone on any network and your iTunes greets you with this message when you connect your phone:


IMEI pic


So, once you see this message your iPhone is officially unlocked, for good. Also, a big bonus of this method is that your warranty is still intact.

I never knew about this method until recently and I thought the only way to get a network unlock was to pay around $300 to my carrier for them to do it for me.

No way is that a reasonable fee I thought so I went online and searched around for IMEI unlocking companies. These are the ones I found and they are safe, have a good reputation and customer support and provide a proper unlock iPhone 5/5s/5c series.

  1.   Official iPhone Unlock(10/10 – pick of the bunch)

For me these are the best guys around.

They offer complete iPhone 5 series unlocks at a cheap price and have great customer service into the bargain as well. Also, their delivery was really fast and they are a service that does provide a way to unlock iPhone 5.

I started the process on a Tuesday night and by the next morning my iPhone 5 was unlocked. Incredible speed. I thought I would have to wait another week or so before I heard anything back but once I connected my iPhone to iTunes the next day I got the message I posted above.

Dealing with them was a pleasure. They offer great customer support and even though some of the question I had probably sounded a bit silly to them, they answered in a polite manner so I understood every step of the process.

Their prices are in UK pounds because they’re an English company, but it works for international carriers everywhere (I personally unlocked 2 AT&T USA locked iPhones – one iPhone 5 & one iPhone 5s).

You can find more information about them here: Official iPhone Unlock

2. IMEI Unlocking (OK service, 7/10) 

I would use this service as backup to Official iPhone Unlock. The guys that run it seem to be good at what they do however I found that their customer service was lacking somewhat.

They weren’t rude or anything, it was just that it took 4 or 5 days before I got a reply from them – perhaps they are busy and this was before they managed to unlock iPhone 5s ? On top of this I thought their website was a bit difficult to figure out navigation wise and they don’t support all normal payment processes either which isn’t ideal. Although I was wondering how to unlock iPhone 5/5s/5c and they did help me out.

Not a terrible service but they pale in comparison to Official iPhone Unlock.

3. IMEI Codes (Puzzling website with average service, 6/10) 

These guys are OK was well although they suffer from many of the same issues as IMEI unlocking but they do unlock iPhone 5c and other models.

Again, not terrible but certainly not the best and should only be used if the other services such as Official iPhone Unlock aren’t available.


I hope all this information wasn’t a bit of an overload.

I’ll sum up real quickly for you…

  1. Software unlocking does not work. Period. Stay well away if you don’t want to be scammed.
  2. Hardware unlocking does work but it is drawn out and will void your iPhone warranty.
  3. IMEI unlocks are, as I have shown you, the safest and most reliable method to have your iPhone 5 series unlocked.

Hopefully this is clear. If you are wondering how to unlock iPhone 5/5s/5c/ or having a lot of trouble getting your iPhone 5 series unlocked then I would recommend getting in touch with Official iPhone Unlock for a safe and fast unlocking process.

As I have shown you, there are several other options to getting your iPhone 5 series unlocked and being able to connect to another network but they are either a complete scam or just aren’t safe.

Hopefully you make the right decision.


Mike Tutor


The very things that produce cell phones priceless can occasionally be debatable. Parents and their kids can use cell phones to remain in touch with voice calls and text messages, but on the flip side, constantly connected children can become the casualties of net predators or cyberbullies, come across adult content online or become involved in sending inappropriate images or texts. It doesn’t happen because your child isn’t bright enough or attentive enough to prevent difficulty. Others who are searching for goals may see your child or her, even if he attempts to keep away from circumstances that are unsafe. Do not wait for a difficulty to occur: Step up and track your kid’s virtual life with software manage and to track web and cell phone use.
As well as helping them avoid dangerous situations, you are able to keep an eye on your children in other scenarios with cell phone tracking. It is possible to use GPS tracking to be sure your children are in school instead of ditching, by way of example, and make sure that they work on their homework as opposed to playing online games or they’re going to sleep instead of texting friends.

Another useful side of cell phone monitoring software is that it might keep an eye on how employees use business cell phones. Are employees working or spending time on Facebook? You may also see if they are in the office or somewhere else.

The tracking software runs in stealth mode, so your kids may not know it’s there, and it shouldn’t use your phone bill to affect. However, the software is legal to use on employees’ cellphones as long as the business provides the cellular devices and employees are fully conscious that tracking software is being used. Furthermore, privacy laws may change according to your state, so check with an attorney in your rights before you install such a software.

After you install mobile monitoring software, you are able to view all cell phone activity from a web-based account.
Cell Phone Tracking Software:
The finest cell phone monitoring software provides features for all-around tracking, protection and logging . As you consider your choices, remember that the phone you monitor must have internet access. Below are the standards we used to value the software.

Reporting & Logging

Choose software that records all kinds of cell phone tasks, including videos and pictures, web browsing and voice calls, text messages sent or received. You must be able to view contact information and address books. The applications that are greatest additionally log any e-mails the person and URLs sends or receives in the cellphone. Also, programs that are well-rounded track the cell phone’s place with GPS technology.


The best mobile spy software can block internet addresses and applications. It may even keep people from using the cellphone during specific times. Some programs will send you a notification if employees or your kids try to search issues including drugs, violence, gambling and so forth.

Many apps will alarm you if someone accesses or changes the SIM card in the cell phone. The software also uses the phone’s GPS tracking capabilities to help you easily locate the phone if it is lost or snitches by someone.

Help & Support

It’s important to have email and phone support in the event you need aid. The best firms even provide chat support and 24/7 technical help. You can also find software updates, FAQs and more on their sites.

Cell phone tracking will be able to help you keep an eye on your children or employees to make certain that they’re being safe and honest. Instead of stressing, you keep a watchful eye on your children or employees and can take action. No one desires to discover that a problem is, but it’s fine to know that with this type of phone tracker software, you can identify possible risks and deal with them before it’s too late.



Unlock-iPhone (1)With the forthcoming release it’s another horror story to be locked up by providers that are exclusive with services that are poor –giants in the communications sector who do not actually give a flying fig. What exactly does one do?

What’s Jailbreaking?
Technicians had to develop a method to override these limits, since Apple put restrictions on its apparatus. The procedure for removing these constraints is called jailbreaking. It’s done the iPhone’s root system so programs can be downloaded by people and use the telephone for other providers.

This, nevertheless, needs software for each iPhone launch. A unlocking application isn’t going to be accessible because hackers need to examine the model’s programming system until after it is released. With this said, we have to wait several weeks to allow them to produce a brand new software that’s the ability to unlock the iPhone 5.

As with the previous variants, procedure or the system to unlock iPhone 5 will not be other. To do so, you first must install a program called Unlock.Program. Other applications that you candownload and install are CyberDuck, and Lockdownd.

Once installed and downloaded, browse your component and search for Autolock. You can obtain this address then exploit on Network. Write the IP address and set aside.

Return to your home display and start the downloaded program. Tap on select SFTP under the Safe File Transfer, the Open Connection button and after that type the IP address which you duplicated.

You are going to subsequently get linked, after which you must select the “/thing” then locate “/user/libexec.” Harness continue. Turn your telephone off subsequently remove the SIM card. Turn the phone on again and choose the program called “Unlock.” This should let you know that “All files are prepared.” All files and press Start will start installing. After the setup is complete, it’s simple to use with other SIM to the iPhone!

In America, it’s legal to unlock the iPhone 5. It’s also legal because the laws that govern locking of telephones just apply to copyright problems to jailbreak iPhones. Unlocking one will not break a copyright and besides, restricting an individual’s ability to select what carrier to use and what programs to download is just plain poor business ethics.


Are you a new entry into the Apple family? Do you wish to own a brand new iPhone 5? If yes, trust me, you are making a wise move. The brand new iPhone Series has many sensational benefits. However, techno geeks tend to daunt the price of original Apple devices. By default, iDevices have a very high price tag. Likewise, the iPhone is famous for its special call charges. This is why many people tend to unlock iPhone 5! When compared against locked phones, the unlocked ones will let you save several thousand dollars every year. In other words, unlocking will make your iDevice a less expensive gadget.

It is quite interesting to note that unlocked iPhones will confer you with many indispensible benefits. For instance, when you unlock iPhone 5, you can enjoy cheap data plans, affordable internet packages and sensible SIM cards.

Famous iPhone Service Providers

Apple restricts its users to a predetermined list of dealers. You cannot use SIM cards from third party brands. This is because Apple has signed deals with selected network providers. These packages are customized to suit the pricy phone. In most cases, mobile plans for Apple gadgets would be expensive and unique. For instance, T-Mobile, Vodafone and AT&T are famous names with special mobile plans for iPhone users.

The Real Scenario! Why are iPhones Expensive?

On the other hand, conventional Smartphone users can make use of plans from affordable names like Sprint, Metro PCS, Verizon and US Cellular. These brands tend to offer amazing deals at breath taking rates. For instance, you can acquire unlimited internet and 500 free calls at USD 3. Doesn’t this sound wonderful? Meanwhile, original iDevice owners should spend at least USD 14 on such plans. This is why you should unlock iPhone 5! When you unlock your pricy iDevice, you can acquire plans and deals from many unauthorized Apple dealers.

A Real Stat!

Do you know that unlocked Apple phones can be used to access data very quickly? This is because unlocked iDevices will let you enjoy the gadget’s hardcore features. This is why 2 million users have unlocked the gadget.

Common Plans For Unlocked iPhones!

As mentioned previously, famous names like Verizon, Straight Talk and T-Mobile has special deals and offers for iPhones that are unlocked. For instance, Straight Talk is famous for mobile data plans. When you unlock iPhone 5, it is wise to get hold of Straight Talk’s Data Plans. The brand allows users to access 3GB of 3G data at USD 55. Similarly, Verizon has drafted new 4G services. These connections will let you access internet at the speed of light. AT&T’s 4G internet connection for iPhones starts at a lumping price of USD 120. Whereas, Verizon offers the 4G service at USD 60 for unlocked iPhones!

Ultimate Bottom Line – Understand Your Service Providers!

When you unlock iPhone 5, you will have the wit to amuse over many sensational benefits. However, the ultimate offers will depend on the service provider and their proficiency.


Unlocking the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c has become very mainstream. Indeed many of the major cell networks around the world who offer the iPhone will have an unlocking facility however the problem here is that it can cost a lot of money to use this route. Utilizing an unlocking service is a much better way to go about it because not only is it much cheaper but it is also faster as well.

However many people have been wondering if an unlocked iPhone 5, 5s or 5c can work in Asia? The continent has become a haven for tourists, backpackers and people looking to start work abroad and an iPhone that has been unlocked can be a fantastic way in which to use a great device there.  So, does it actually work?

Unlocking Is Worldwide

When you have your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c unlocked then this means that you can use it regardless of where you are in the world. The whole point of unlocking is so that your iPhone can be used on a variety of different networks. It basically lifts the restrictions put on it by your network and adds your device to the global white list of Apple devices that can be used around the world. So for example if you have your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c unlocked and then touch down in Bangkok, all you need to do is buy a local SIM card, pop it into the device and use it as you would at home.

There Are No Extra Charges

Even still, many people are wary about unlocking their iPhone because they think that if they do use a local SIM card then it will incur extra charges than if they just purchased a local phone and used it that way. However if you use the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c abroad with an unlock and a local SIM then you will only be charged the same amount as any other device. It is true that you can ask your network carrier to allow your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c to be used internationally but this costs a lot of money to send texts, make calls and use mobile data. With an unlock all these high tariffs and restrictions are removed.

Unlocking Is Cheap And Easy

So if you are going to Asia then it is worth having your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c unlocked beforehand. It is cheap and easy to have it done online and it can be completed in a very short space of time. When you get to Asia it means that you are able to use your device on all the local networks regardless of what country you are in on the continent. It can be great for things such as keeping in touch with people back home, using Google Maps for directions and also booking hotels, hostels or even flights through apps. If you are visiting Asia then getting an unlock for the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c is highly recommended to have the best experience.


You wish to be a part of the Apple family and you are ready to get hold of a brand new iPhone 5s. Are you clear with all your requirements? Should you go for a locked iPhone? Or, have you thought about the benefits of an unlocked iPhone 5s? If no, consider yourself as lucky. Patrons, who shift from Smartphones to i-Devices, will face few complications. One such issue would be the presence of locked iPhones.

In this technical era, experienced techno geeks have identified new strategies that would unlock iPhone 5, 5s and 5c. An unlocked iPhone will let you amuse over indispensible benefits. From reduced mobile charges to newer data plans, unlocked iPhones are famous for its advantageous nature.

Famous Names in USA

By default, Apple restricts iPhone users to few authorized dealers. These dealers tend to sign legal bonds with Apple. Conversely, Apple iPhone buyers should be ready to follow customized mobile plans. In most cases, these plans would be a lot more expensive than the conventional ones. Famous Apple authorized network carriers in USA would be AT & T, Vodafone and T-Mobile. Thus, the original Apple device will not let you make use of cheap deals and discounts from CDMA carriers like Metro PCS, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket or Sprint! If you wish to enjoy the services offered by non-Apple authorized dealers, you must unlock your iPhone.

The Current Scenario

When you unlock iPhone 5, 5s or 5c, you will be allowed to access data at a faster rate. An unlocked iPhone will let you experiment through many advanced features. Especially, if you are in USA, patrons who unlock their Apple gadgets are conferred with special privileges. This is a small unknown truth, which became extremely famous in the past few years. Till date, more than 2 million Apple gadgets have been unlocked.

Three interesting Network Carriers for unlocked iPhones

Network providers like Straight Talk, T- Mobile and Verizon have special packages for unlocked iPhones. In this segment, you will read about these services.

1)      Straight Talk is well known for its proficient SIMs! When you unlock iPhone 5, 5s or 5c, you will be allowed to enjoy unlimited voice calls and 1GB data for USD 45. Doesn’t this sound amazingly! By default, standard iPhone users with locked handsets should spend from USD 67 to USD 102 for the foremost package. Additionally, Straight Talk delights iPhone users with an excellent 3G HSPA coverage. When compared against AT & T’s mobile plans, Straight Talk is several light years ahead.

2)      T-Mobile has prepared many sensational deals for individuals who unlock iPhone 5. Though they don’t sell i-Devices, the mobile carrier has an amazing network configuration to meet up with the high performance of iOS. T-Mobile’s iPhone friendly networks are configured in more than 15 cities.

3)      Finally, Verizon is another famous name in the list of mobile carriers for unlocked iPhones. When you unlock iPhone 5, you should keep an eye on their 4G data connections. These are some of the best and cheapest plans for budget conscious iPhone users.


One of the most recent releases from Apple would be the iPhone 5. It is a cute, slim and lighter version of the iPhone. The eye catchy phone has a brand new iOS 6! The new operating system comprises of Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi options. Additionally, the phone includes an integrated Facebook application. However, gadget freaks are still not satisfied with the iPhone 5! They have some issues with the phone and its service providers. This is why many people decide to unlock iPhone 5. When the phone is unlocked, potential users can enjoy many interesting benefits! Do you wish to learn more about these benefits? If yes, Read on!

Services from Mobile Network Providers!

When you unlock iPhone 5, you can enjoy the tune ups offered by various service providers. To be more precise, you are free from the contracts signed by Apple! Legally, the brand has signed strict contracts with few service providers. Thus, potential Apple iPhone users must buy SIMs only from these mobile service providers. Many users believe that these SIMs come with expensive plans. As a result, they are forced to shed more money from their wallets. Surprisingly, when you unlock iPhone 5, you can save yourself from these expensive deals. Additionally, you can decide on better packages with enthralling deals.

A wider range of options! Using the iPhone and Many Networks!

Techno geeks tend to unlock iPhone 5, for a wider range of access. When the phone is unlocked properly, they can make use of different networks. This is a very important benefit that is enjoyed by people who travel frequently. A recent survey proved that Apple iPhone users are forced to pay inflated roaming charges. As a result, budget conscious iPhone owners prefer staying out-of-reach, when they move around the globe. This increases the gap between them and their loved ones! In such cases, “unlocking” would be an ideal remedy. When you unlock iPhone 5, you can use local SIM cards and GSM services in the phone.

Enjoying a better coverage! Staying in Touch!

The original iPhone will not work properly in the midst of low network connectivity. For instance, AT & T does not have a good coverage in rural areas. As a result, iPhone 5 owners should pay extra roaming charges for a better service. On the other hand, the unlocked iPhones will let you make calls through VoIP or the internet. You can make use of Google video chat, Skype and many other services with an unlocked iPhone. Hence, you are not expected to worry about low network coverage!

Jailbreaking Can Also Come With An Unlock

Finally, you should jalbreak iPhone 5 to enjoy many online applications. The original iPhone 5 is Apple’s well-disciplined child! It sticks onto the brand’s stern rules and regulations. Thus, users are not allowed to browse through many interesting online apps. Nevertheless, when you unlock the phone, you will be able to access through many versatile sources of mobile apps!


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